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Tee regrading

To restore, expand, align and better drain tee surfaces

  • Strip away turf
  • Re-align tee to improve positioning
  • Install XGD System on 10-foot centers carried 50-inches from the tee surface
  • Level and top dress surface
  • Finish with new sod or seed


Fairway drainage

To give new life to wet fairways with minimal disruption to the turf

  • Install drainage system on 10-foot centers
  • Grade trench bottoms and verify grade using laser guides
  • Remove excavated soil and backfill 3-inch wide trench with compacted sand


Approach drainage

To improve drainage and provide a firm surface for approaching shots

  • Remove existing turf and stone
  • Excavate soil to 2-inch depth
  • Install XGD System to remove water rapidly and increase aeration for overall turf growth and health
  • Install 2-inch cap of greens mix consistent with greens mix material
  • Finely grade approach area to ensure perfect tie-in with surrounding turf
  • Re-install existing turf or seed area


Bunker drainage

A long-term solution to chronic bunker-drainage problems

  • Remove existing bunker sand
  • Restore bunker edges
  • Install XGD System at rate of 150 linear feet per 100 square feet of area
  • Grade and compact bunker sub-grade
  • Replace bunker sand with new or original product
  • We can also install a bunker liner, reconstruct the bunker and install outlet drainage lines


Greens drainage

To rapidly remove ground and surface water, create a balance of air and water in the soil profile, and promote deep root growth by surgical placement of subsurface pipes

  • Incise trenches on 6-foot spacings
  • Furnish 2-inch diameter drainage pipe in 14-inch to 16-inch deep trenches with precision
  • Backfill with greens mix
  • Complete greens drainage quickly and efficiently and within two to three days using our surgical process
  • Open greens for play the moment we clear the area


Classic greens reconstruction

To completely overhaul and restore greens using time-tested methods mixed with state-of-the-art precision

  • Carefully remove existing soil from the green cavity.
  • Ensure soil structure is preserved.
  • Shape the new green cavity.
  • Gently load soil back into trailers and relocate to the new green cavity.
  • Distribute the soil by hand using shovels to ensure soil structure is not compromised
  • Compact the soil gently, by foot, and aerate with pitchforks
  • Install XGD System throughout the green
  • Finely grade surface with shovels and rakes prior to installation of 1-inch topdressing layer
  • Re-install salvaged turf or regrass with new sod


Greens regrassing

To extract the existing greens turf and prepare the putting surface for an advanced turfgrass

  • Precise removal of the existing putting surface and detailed finishing, topdressing of the soil in preparation for a new, advanced turfgrass installation
  • Give consideration to the installation of an XGD Systems Classic Greens Drainage system at the same time as a cost-effective installation opportunity
  • Optional treatment of the green with a soil sterilant
  • Final installation of the chosen turfgrass variety by XGD Systems team of craftsmen


Drainage restoration: Sand-based greens

To permanently relieve compaction and solve poor drainage without major disruption

  • Use the proprietary XGD System to install subsurface drainage in a modern green without rebuilding the green
  • Revive green without expensive and disruptive reconstruction – process usually requires only one or two days and green is playable immediately


Greens regrading

Precise re-grading for optimal slope with minimal impact on the original character of the green

  • Remove and store existing sod
  • Install XGD System (optional)
  • Fine grade putting surface areas and install topdress layer to within 1-inch consistent depth
  • Fine-tune grade of topdressed surface and ensure perfect tie-in with surrounding grades
  • Re-install sod or install new nursery sod for areas of green expansion

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