Trusted by the most prestigious golf courses in the US and Canada

Trusted by the most prestigious golf courses in the US and Canada

Our Mission

We provide great outdoor playing surfaces to the high value turf industry through excellence and innovation in precision subsurface soil and water management techniques.

Our History

Every day we make golf history by guaranteeing its future.

Golfers cherish the legacy of their course. That slippery putt from above the hole on a particularly tough green can be a defining feature of the course. But such cherished emblems can be very difficult to maintain when factoring in demands for perfect turf conditions from the modern-day golfer.

At XGD Systems, we use the traditional techniques fortified with an injection of technology to transform well-loved greens, approaches, bunkers, fairways and tees into high-performing, sophisticated surfaces that deliver playability and profitability in today’s turf-management systems – all while maintaining the course’s soul and character for future generations.

Take greens as an example. Greens built pre-1970 are usually important touchstones and selling points for the whole course. But they’re often push-up greens, where the rich topsoil excavated to create surrounding bunkers and approaches was “pushed-up” and contoured into a bathtub-like cavity. Those greens were great for holding water through hot, dry summers before today’s irrigation systems. But they can make life tricky for a modern-day superintendent trying to manage moisture, maintain playability and encourage healthy greens.

Over 30 years ago, soon after our parent company, TDI, started providing laser-controlled drainage installation to golf courses, we saw a need to restore these legacy greens to their original grandeur and yet make them manageable with the sophisticated technical equipment available to this generation’s superintendent.

We weren’t satisfied with the status quo.

Before we came along, the only solution was completely rebuilding to sand greens, losing the original contours. Instead, we developed a drainage installation process to surgically install 2-inch diameter drainage pipe to precise widths and depths. Through research and development we’ve perfected and trademarked our drainage installation process. We understand the business side of golf course management too. Members do not want to play to provisional greens for a full season while new greens are constructed. Our process and highly skilled staff can have a green restored and playable within two to three days. And now we take this same determination and proven track record to the rest of the course – rehabilitating holes from tee to green.

Trust only XGD to restore your tees, fairways and greens while protecting the history and significance of your course.

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